Past Homepage Message January 2017

Happy New Year!

For those of you who read this page in December, you know that this is supposed to be a start of a series of pseudo lessons to be shared each month for 2017.  As we mentioned last month, our home page text changes monthly and it usually has a lot more to say about life in general than just how we financially plan for it.

Just as life is a series of changes and chapters, our original lesson for January has changed. This past Christmas morning, one of our dearest clients passed away.  As it is too often, he was too young and too good to leave us at such an early age. 

As I was on the phone with my daughter informing her of the loss, she had many questions and the conversation shifted to planning and how we work with our clients and when a death occurs.  She recently graduated college and is in the midst of a different phase of planning.  Of course, all the typical thoughts, stories and phrases came to mind about financial planning as we talked about what happens in an unfortunate loss such as this. 

The purpose of this verse is not to list the rules of how to plan for the various known and unknown events that will occur in life's chapters.  By all means, plan properly.  However, January's lesson is short and simple - live in the “now”.

From our families to yours, wishing you a 2017 full of health and abundance.

Peter and John


Peter and John

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