Our Mission Statement

The Ryan & Janowsky Financial Strategies Group believes every successful portfolio begins with a firm focus on your ultimate goal. It is our job to help you formulate the plan and keep you on the path to get there, strategically and emotionally.  We are here as you navigate life's many changes such as marriage, divorce, retirement, home buying, planning for children – from birth through college.  All these life events and more require constant monitoring and adjusting of your portfolio and your risk tolerance. 

If you pursue the matter at hand along the straight path of reason, advancing with intensity, vigor, and grace, and without being distracted along the way; if you keep your divine spirit pure and blameless, as though this were the moment to give it back; if expecting nothing and fearing nothing, you are content to act in accord with nature and to speak with heroic honesty – then you will live well. And no power on earth can stop you.  (Marcus Aurelius, 121 – 180)