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Staying with the theme of the last few months concerning market conditions, the “mood” since last month’s verbiage here, basically remains the same.  Investors and the folks that are trying to predict the near future remain in the camp of expecting a probable recession. 

It seems easy to prepare for the “known”.  However, how often do we have the opportunity to prepare for the known future?  When change happens suddenly and violently and we are not prepared, the effects may be devastating.

As stated last month, the recent downturns in both the equity and fixed income markets have left many of us with a feeling that there is no place for safety in such tumultuous markets.  This has been a rare time in the markets when a “balanced” portfolio may not have been protective against such unexpected moves.

Preparing for the unexpected has been a common topic here, going back to when John and I first developed this website.

Whether it’s the markets, the economy or most importantly - changes in our personal lives, we cannot move forward until we accept the reality of the situation.  

Accepting serious change while adapting and adjusting to move forward is always a challenging emotional task.  Going forward to prepare for the unexpected with balanced and mindful intentions is a choice.  Choices may also may present challenges for some people, but the luxury of making choices to help prepare for the unexpected, cannot be discounted pertaining to any planning.


Peter Janowsky