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I change this home page text once a month, usually on the first.  It has been a steadfast theme of mine to write about planning and providing for your future, as well as making sure everything you care about is in order for those you love, should something happen.

I rarely discuss investment ideas, as the purpose for my texts are to be holistically conceptual with all facets of financial planning. However, as we head towards elections, fight inflation, deal with a housing shortage, face continued uncertainty of interest rates and witness the beginning of a boom with Artificial Intelligence, I feel compelled to touch on one subject.  A strategy to protect investments.

If you ever bought an appliance or a car, you probably had the opportunity to buy a warranty for that item.  Some people sleep much better at night knowing the things they rely on are protected.

If you had a chance to put a warranty on your investments, would you?

They do exist in a pseudo form of a warranty.  The point of this information is not to explain how they work, but simply inform you that if this is something that interests you, you should research it.  Most of them come in the form of Exchange Traded Funds.  And better yet, if you truly feel this is something that would fit your investment style, speak to an advisor.

Have a fun safe Fourth of July!

Peter Janowsky