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February 2nd, is Ground Hog Day.  Every year, I can’t help but think of the movie, “Ground Hog Day” where the main character keeps reliving the same day over and over.  Many times, when human behavior or a situation seems to be repeating itself, we make reference to the movie.

If you ever had that feeling of something repeating itself, but you know you may have the power to change it – why aren’t you?  The uncomfortableness of change, procrastination and even fear can be some reasons why we do not act.

I recently heard during a meeting, “why pay the IRS if we don’t have to?”.  Here we are during tax time, once again like “Ground Hog Day”, however, we can make this year different and pay yourself first! For starters, are you taking full advantage of any retirement plan an employer is offering you or at least contributing to an IRA?  Plus, this is a great time of year as we gather all our documents to do a full review of your investments, retirement plans, listed beneficiaries and documents such as your will, health care proxy and living will to see if changes are necessary.

Let’s not forget to talk to our professionals and embrace the need for value added advice.  I’m stealing a line from my dear friend Vicki E., “the cost of a professional can be less than the cost of an amateur”.  Thanks Vicki!

Peter Janowsky