Ryan & Janowsky Financial Strategies Group


Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer.  In the world of investing, there is an old adage, “sell in May and go away”.  This was due to the fact that over time the markets have performed poorly over the summer months compared to the rest of the year.

Historically, wealthy British merchants and aristocrats would follow a seasonal pattern. In May, they would sell their stocks and escape the city heat by spending the summer outside of London. Then, they would return just in time for the annual St. Leger's Day Stakes, one of London's renowned horse races.  The original phrase was longer: “Sell in May and go away, and come on back on St. Leger’s Day.” Over time, it evolved into the more succinct version we know today: “Sell in May and go away.”

Of course, we know that we can never time the market.  Which brings another old saying to mind, “it’s not trying to time the market, it’s about time in the market.”  No matter our age, goals or risk tolerance, trying to time equity or fixed income markets is an ill-advised strategy.

I believe that a good strategy for almost anyone is balance.  Balance with investments and most things in life.  Let’s head into summer trying to balance our lives between work, play and the people that are most important to us.

Peter Janowsky