Past Homepage message April 2017

If you come to a fork in the road, take it.  That is the advice of Yogi Berra who was well known for his impromptu pithy comments, and seemingly unintentional witticisms, known as "Yogi-isms". His "Yogi-isms" very often took the form of either an apparently obvious statement or a contradictory one, but with an underlying and powerful message that offered not just humor, but wisdom.  So, let’s think about this one.  If you come to a fork in the road take it! At first glance you ask yourself how? If there is a fork it usually refers to two possible paths but it could actually be more – so how do you take it? By expanding your vision and acceptance of what is truly in your reality. Ask anybody on the street what they are looking for, and they’ll probably say success, health, happiness, popularity, money, love, acceptance, fame, etc.  

Everyone is looking for something. This seeking takes many paths but in actuality, it’s all the same path. It seems as though everyone is looking for different things, when in reality we are all looking for the same thing. Basically, everyone is in pursuit of completing wholeness in their life. However it may already be here, and are we ignoring it in our pursuit of something in the future? That’s where it all begins and ends…. looking for something better in the future. Looking for the next moment that will be a better moment, a greater moment, a more satisfying moment. That is the reason there always seems to be a fork in your path. However, is there really a fork or are you creating your own detours in an unconscious self-sabotaging of your true beliefs. While there may be a fork in the road on the physical plain there is no fork in your mind unless you permit it to exist, therefore it may limit your determination as you pursue your dreams.

"So next time you come to a fork in the road, think hard and then take it"

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